Love, Life, Loss & Limitlessness

A Murky Pond

Yearning for a new adventure. Pages turn but still this chapter. Not much wind upon these sails, must add some gas to keep un stale. And drive life’s vessel further on to make a splash upon this pond. To leave these frogs and turtles to the pads that they hold dear, and find the sharks and dolphins out upon a sea of fear. It’s comfy here with all these friends and I can sleep for ends and ends. Yes dreaming is an easy thing cause with no ego we all sing. The bed is warm for her and I. So...
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Paralyzing Love

How many times do I wonder, how many times do I wish That we sit so far away thinking of each others lips. Thinking why am I to shy to say high and plan a date Thinking that I am a fool if I wait till its too late. Thinking nothing should be forced cause love should always take its course. Like I need an excuse to talk to you besides of course- That I think we are a match and perhaps a perfect team. Perhaps with you the grass on our side is always green. Because unlike many women,...
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Poem of Praise

Close your eyes. Close them. What are you doing? breathing? Thinking about how you didn’t close your eyes? It’s ok. You are you. You do what you do. You do what you feel is true and that is called being independent. But then there is her, and him and us and together we unite “to get her” a feeling that she deserves. Is it her birthday? Not necessarily. It’s her breath day. Because SHE is breathing. Deep and calm. Ready to drop not a bomb of fear but a poem filled with tears. Tears that courageously drip out of her...
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A Selfish Fool I Am

She was perfect in 99 ways. A beautiful shining star. Discovered in a desert haze. That’s where she took my heart. Brave enough to move across the country to my side. Devoted enough to risk her life And leave her friends behind. Best friends we are. Or best friends we were? I let her go. Now life’s a blur. A selfish fool. Am I? No. Why can’t my ego die. Go. Away and so I can not be I but we Together as one. It took a decade to find that love. Will it take a decade to find the...
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Actions are ever lasting. All it takes is a bit of passion and patience until your blasting towards your next dream. You see it’s not as hard as it seems. Because the fact in right now, today you have a choice to make to take your line and cast it far into into the vast seas filled with opportunities. And whether you sink or swim at some point you will win. But you have to cast your line in. Take action. Relax and and imagine a future you as specifically as could realistically happen. Are you wiping tables with a napkin? or...
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Run. Into the ocean. Into your future. But never from your fears. For your legs are strong and your vision is clear. And the motion itself can be fun. Just Run. Don’t look back. Only forward. Follow your gut that brings you towards that dream. Because worry and regret is never what it seems. Pointless things they are. Gods way of keeping you safe, I guess. But you can run so far. All you must do is take that first breath. You don’t have to go fast. Its not about speed. Determination is all that you need. And even if you walk, you should...
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Happy Birthday Mandy

The moon is full for you tonight. Because it’s trying to be bright. Glowing like a sunshine light. as bright as you Mandy.   Look into the sky you’ll see that moon reflects the light in thee. Your summer skin and fire hair Brings warmth to those not so fair.   Their lips that stay tight, the corners down, sometimes living with a frown. But the corners of their lips rise up when you dance on their ground. Facing strangers, brave as lion, Spreading cheer, not even trying.   Smiles for miles, twinkle eyes. Fierce passion. Everlasting. Skating strong, like you fly, And that ass got people asking. Are you alive? Is this happening? Are...
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Realizations, often when high.


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