Happy Birthday Mandy

The moon is full for you tonight.

Because it’s trying to be bright.

Glowing like a sunshine light.

as bright as you Mandy.


Look into the sky you’ll see

that moon reflects the light in thee.

Your summer skin and fire hair

Brings warmth to those not so fair.


Their lips that stay tight, the corners down, sometimes living with a frown.

But the corners of their lips rise up when you dance on their ground.

Facing strangers, brave as lion,

Spreading cheer, not even trying.


Smiles for miles, twinkle eyes.

Fierce passion. Everlasting.

Skating strong, like you fly,

And that ass got people asking.

Are you alive? Is this happening?

Are fairies real? Is magic blasting?

To my soul, I feel less old when that girl has got me gasping… for breath.


She stole that shit. With her spirit.

Do you feel it?

Nothing left but her.

All other thoughts a blur.


Now 25 and growing up.

To the future we cheers, so raise your cup.


There is no limit to your height.

This is the best life of your life.


So bring that glow into the night.

Cause you ignite this, you and I.

You are light.

Mandy. That’s right.


Keep it up. Cause that shit’s tight.

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