Actions are ever lasting.

All it takes is a bit of passion and patience until your blasting towards your next dream.
You see it’s not as hard as it seems.
Because the fact in right now, today you have a choice to make to take your line and cast it far into into the vast seas filled with opportunities.
And whether you sink or swim at some point you will win.
But you have to cast your line in.
Take action.
Relax and and imagine
a future you as specifically as could realistically happen.
Are you wiping tables with a napkin?
or is there and audience in front of you clappin’.
What we choose to manifest may be quite an ambitious test.
But would you rather be respected as a brave failure who tried their best? Or barely known as someone who always chose what was easiest and safest.
So what is stopping you?
Is it money? Is it time? Is it lack of motivation that’s on your mind?
What if you gave yourself a deadline?
Would that motivate you to get off your behind?
I dare you to get excited and imagine yourself succeeding in your passion as if it was real. Picture how that feels.
Get excited!
If you take action now, you can expedite it.
Nothing is impossible.
In fact, it’s all plausible.
A thousand page novel starts on page one.
Writing this page is probably not fun.
But once that page is written the rest will flow like the ocean.
All you must do is put page one in motion.
So take action.
It’s guaranteed to lead you to some form of satisfaction.

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