Paralyzing Love

How many times do I wonder, how many times do I wish
That we sit so far away thinking of each others lips.
Thinking why am I to shy to say high and plan a date
Thinking that I am a fool if I wait till its too late.
Thinking nothing should be forced cause love should always take its course.
Like I need an excuse to talk to you besides of course-
That I think we are a match and perhaps a perfect team.
Perhaps with you the grass on our side is always green.
Because unlike many women, I’m most attracted to your heart.
To your spunk, to your bravery, to your laugh upon a fart.
Maybe I forget that I’m just as cool as you
and perhaps when you’re at home you are thinking of me too.
Are we to proud and busy to risk time to become deep.
Or do we think that maybe someone else is better for for me.
Integrity. Taking action on your thoughts.
To expel the wasted time of how I think of you a lot.
I love that you think that face time is what is best,
Yet here I am feeling barely brave enough to text.
What am I waiting for? An opportunity to take heed?
When I know that opportunities can come from simply me.
Would you prefer that I ask you on a date?
Or should I play it off like no big deal and just say we should play.
To pretend that I am nothing more than just a friend to be.
Yet if I saw you with another, it would risk misery.
The funny thing is that I cant imagine myself kissing on your neck.
Because for you its not about sex. Its about respect.
For sex is nice and ours would be passionate, slow, and raw and deep.
Yet all I want is to hold your hand while other stop and see.
They would know, and be like “woah, now there’s a power team,”
Both independent yet a couple, there to grow each other’s dream.
So if its you thats hearing this from me it’s a good sign.
As cheesy as it sounds right now, I hope it means you’re mine.
You’re mine? Ha yeah right. Id never control you.
Maybe its just best to know that I am so yours too.

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