Into the ocean.
Into your future.
But never from your fears.
For your legs are strong and your vision is clear.
And the motion itself can be fun.
Just Run.
Don’t look back.
Only forward.
Follow your gut that brings you towards that dream.
Because worry and regret is never what it seems.
Pointless things they are.
Gods way of keeping you safe, I guess.
But you can run so far.
All you must do is take that first breath.
You don’t have to go fast. Its not about speed.
Determination is all that you need.
And even if you walk, you should start to see.
That moving slow and steadily can help you succeed.
What matters is not how you get there.
What matters is where you go.
So whether fast or slow,
The thing that you must know.
Is that still water, it gets murky.
And bad things can start to grow.
But ocean waves stay fresh and clean.
So shred those waves there, bro.
Routine is nice, its comfortable, and you don’t have to stress.
But the next time you get the opportunity to leap out of your nest.
Just spread your wings, don’t close your eyes, and see where you can fly.
Because you’ll never know how far you can go unless you give it a try.
Just. Run.
If not towards a goal, for the sake of exploring,
Cause doing the same thing, it can get boring.
Just run.
I bet you’ll discover it can be quite fun.
Just RUN.

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